Welcome to a Vacation of a Lifetime

of white water rafting in Costa Rica;
of sitting in hot springs under the stars and watching the
Arenal Volcano flow with red hot lava down the mountain.

to grinding a winch or trimming a sail on an America's Cup
racing yacht;
to riding through Kruger National Park, in the company of
elephants, zebras, rhino and lions.

A Vacation of a Lifetime
feeding sharks in Bora Bora, watching the sun rise over the Haleakala Crater;
soaring above a glacier in a helicopter...these are all vacations beyond the norm
and the specialty of Marcia and her Vacation of a Lifetime travel emporium.

Experienced in cruises for those who want a "do nothing" holiday to
"adventures at every port," individual tours and packaged vacations, Marcia's
experience puts your holiday in a category that goes beyond all expectations.

"Know-how" and "results" puts A Vacation of a Lifetime in the expert category.

Contact Marcia now to begin planning A Vacation of a Lifetime.

             Marcia@cruiseagain.com or 561-798-4787.


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